Salone del Mobile 2017 D’Elite presents Atelier

During Milan design week, D’Elite opens its first boutique.

The store is fully dedicated to the Atelier collection that gives to the client the possibility of creating his ideal bedding system through D’Elite know how.

Excellence and luxury of Made in Italy in the bedding world, based on quality and craftsmanship in order to fulfil the desires of the most demanding clients.

In the 70 msq of the new boutique, in one of the most elegant location in Milan, will be displayed precious objects: bedding systems inspired to the tradition, handmade with noble materials such

as ostrich leather and linen velvet or technological especially designed with innovative solutions to guarantee the maximum comfort.

Atelier, a new collection preview that goes beyond luxury and elegance, characterised by unique materials and finishes, handmade. A range proposing fully tailor made models renewing the

traditional idea of bedding.

D’Elite novelty is to offer to its clients the freedom of choosing forms, fabrics, finishes down to the tiniest detail, all done by hand by the most skilled artisans.

The experience, artisanship, research of materials and quality of made in Italy distinguishing D’Elite reach their highest expression in the Atelier line.


The collection proposes precious and totally natural materials, ostrich leather, python and crocodile, soft wools, mohair, linen, hemp, silks, Swarovski crystals, golden threads for the embroideries, all

joint to the ability of our artisans and the strive for maximum comfort give life to sophisticated objects inventing a new way of living the bedroom.

News at Espritmeuble Paris 2016.




This year TimeForBedding arrives at the prestigious EspritMeuble of Paris (from the 3 until the 6 December 2016) to present –  to the world a preview – of 6 brand new features dedicated to confort: “We love your comfort” –  as Andrea Cardini, our President, explains – for us it is not just a slogan but the intent that guides all our research for innovation: the aim is to ensure a rewarding experience of wellbeing and total comfort.  We believe that this is an important development direction, the added value that we want too provide for those seeking the best, for this reason we also say “In confort we trust”».

The first new entry is the range of mattresses D’Elite Sport: dedicated to the more demanding, to those who require the best for their body in order to rest. The second new feature is the line D’Elite Relax: gorgeous models of  motorized beds for relaxation, which provide an extra level of enjoyment and tranquility.

For the couples here is the perfect solution to comfortably sleep together : with Move Adapt neither of the two will have to «settle» for a mattress with a support and confort mediating between the needs of the two partners, or only satisfying the needs of one of the two, instead we will shall allow you to chose a mattress that complies with the expectations of both (and we all know that a good rest is good for life, health and even love).

With the Heloise Royale model instead the leitmotiv is “One for One”: for the first time an entirely designed concept, providing even for the linens.

Lastly, among the new products that we will bring to Paris for the world premiere, there are two elements which can not be defined features, given their function and the quality of well being that they ensure: the first is an innovative pillow, able to meet every need and suitable for all circumstances; the second is Seven, the overlay extra comfort and high-temperature control, able to adapt to every movement of the body and every need to rest.

But that’s not all. TimeForBedding brings to Paris, for the first time even Christy, the bed encrusted with Swarovski crystals (made in collaboration with the Swarovski Design Center in Milan) and NFC (a unique technology that allows, thanks to the inclusion in the mattress of a passive microchip, to receive helpful tips for proper maintenance and use of the mattress, also depending on the season).

So we go to Paris with the commitment of always, with all the strength of the best Made in Italy: an, evolved, total luxury allowing a better and more immersive experience as possible in rest or sleep.

Invitation to the Salon EspritMeuble of Paris.

D’Elite will bring the light at Salon EspritMeuble Paris !

You are invited to EspritMeuble Salon, the International RDV professional furniture, Hall 7.2 Stand 2B30, where we will present our collections of high quality mattresses: Madame De, Madame De collection Paris, Motion and Signature !

Discover our products and innovations at this Unmissable Event !

Autumn what changes : do we sleep more or less ?

Did you know Autumn is the hardest season for our body? It is the season in which our organism needs to depurate itself after the Summer, where it is more probable that the heat, the stuffiness anche the sun have stressed us.

In autumn we resume our more relaxed and traditional rhythms and maybe without even noticing it, we begin a depurating period that must obviously start with our alimentation and with our self care.

During our life, we sleep averagely 220 thousand ours. It sound like a lot but actually these are less than 8 hours a day, and this makes us consider the difference there is between sleeping and resting. Rest is the most important part of sleeping in which we really relax and we reach the Rem phase (that lasts nearly fifteen minutes and is characterized by rhythmic movements of the eyes and by very intense dreams often in color).

Sleeping more or less does not depend on the season we are living but rather from us. Certainly our body suffers climate changes and this can affect our sleep. For these reasons, it’s good to follow the small “rules” that help regulate our sleep.

Taking care of our body and of a general health state does not only involve eating well and healthy but even an actual healthy life style and also a greater awareness of our necessities.

One of our first needs is sleep (although a farmer in Cornwall has remained 11 days without sleep beating a previous record).

The way of seeing “I need some sleep” is not a something we should take lightly. Our entire organism is sending us a clear message: it needs to regain energies and refuel itself through the rest that comes from sleep.

So what are the things that we need to put into practice to combine sleeping and resting?

First of all laying down and resting on a bed, the confort of a mattress is equal to nothing else. Sleeping well does really change the way we feel.

A comfortable mattress to accompany your sleep is an excellent ally. Do you know the right mattress to perform this duty? The one than does not make you turn all the time searching for the right position. This must be a  mattress that best supports the pressure points as neck, back, shoulders and feet.

It does not seem much but actually rest does really come from these nerve centers that are the first parts that need rest. The feeling when we awake already tired should be a loud bell of alarm towards the confort of your bed.

    – A curious fact: a person moves from 4 to 60 times while sleeping.

Last but not least you must know that going to bed with something in your tummies, or after drinking something relaxing, or taking some time to stretch or read a few pages of a nice book are great activities to help your sleep. After all sleeping well should be a luxury granted to all .


Carmen Recupito


Let’s say it: while sleeping well is a necessity ( as science has widely proved that a good sleep is fundamental both for our health and our mood ), sleeping in luxury is an option that anyone of us can choose, consciously, to indulge in: not only for a few nights in an exclusive location but everyday, or better still, every time that you go to sleep in your bedroom. With, also, sure benefits on the quality of your rest.


To a first impression, this could sound a little strange: in witch way, luxury, can influence our sleep?


Our bedroom is both our privileged nest of our intimate life, and the place chosen to embrace our resting body and is so more exposed to possible risks. In both these cases, the ideal situation in the one in which you din yourself in a serene setting, safe, comfortable, “warm” because welcoming; in which the beauty, the pleasure and the abundance talk to us through the subtle language of shapes, materials.


In other terms, a setting in which choices where made following an advanced concept, and not ordinary of luxury. And it is therefore here, right here and in these conditions, that the world can stop: a closed door of a bedroom leaves ( the world ) it out, together with all the worries and commitments; in the bedroom a special time opens up, a regenerating time, also fun and never (should be taken for granted) discounted. In which letting ourselves go, by your one or with company, and be ourselves.


Concretely, what are the choices that we should consider to sleep in luxury?


The first can only regard, strictly speaking, the bed: the mattress, of course.


It must be of quality, not to soft, not to hard; chosen for it’s materials, it’s details and the finishing touches: because the sensation must be both of embrace and sustain.


The second step will regard the structure that holds the mattress: naturally the boxspring and the bedhead (the latter must be, necessarily, important, strong, tall, with clearly characterizing details). And then, consequently, pillows and bed collections ( linens, duvet and covers ) that – thanks to the fine and natural fibers, even more luxurious if cruelty free – ensure tactile appeal and total comfort on the skin.


The final touch?


The main theme. The color. The discrete luxury and non-redundant is the alignment between tonalities, in the dancing synergy of shades that recall and sustain. The eye relaxes, in the harmony of the picture given by the structure and the texture. And we let what must happen be, in beauty. That we sleep… or not.




Innovation and high technology with high comfort, elasticity and freshness.

Revolution, presented at the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair, the new mattress Signature / Couture collection, with deco details that embellish and distinguish an unique style.

Made with a high tech material, Soft Air Cooling Breeze, this new creation by D’Elite has special details  including the perfect humidity control during the sleep that maintains the body’s microclimate, relieving the pressure points of the body on the mattress.

Revolution is a mix between comfort and  traditional style with advanced technical features, that’s the “revolutionary” mattress.

Revolution … the revolution of sleep!


A high-quality mattress is very important for our rest, but what’s the correlation between the sleeping posture and the quality of sleep?

Surely, there is a connexion even if the argument is not common.

The sleep position that we prefer cannot be always the right one for our health.

“Go to sleep and turn off the light…” it’s for all of us like a ritual, it’s an important part of our lives. There can be some rules and things that could help us to improve the quality of our sleep.

We begin by saying that there are some health problems that require to have a certain posture. Choose a comfortable sleeping position in case of a hiatal hernia, it’s always better to sleep on your back or side. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach or in any type of awkward position.

The best position for the “neck pain” is first of all sleeping on a pillow, which easily conforms with the shape of the neck and avoid using to high or stiff pillows.

But remember that for the posture problems and for medical suggestions it’s always better to consult a specialist .

There are some common mistakes that should be avoided:

sleeping horizontally without a pillow

sleeping on your stomach

sleeping with arms underneath or wrapped around the pillow.

Let’s see the worst positions which are those that unfortunately many of us prefer during sleep:

1) Sleeping on your stomach

It’s considered the worst one but at the same time it’s a very common sleep position and it’s the only one that decreases the sleep apnea disorders.

It flattens the natural curve of the spine, which can lead to lower back pain. Sleeping all night with the head turned to one side also strains the neck.

The doctors determined this sleeping position to be the worst for your body, since it puts pressure on the joints and muscles in the neck. All those who sleep face down (prone) produce, through their position, a static load on the mandible, traumatizing continuously the masticatory apparatus.

2) “Starfish” Position

Lying on you back with both arms around the pillow This position generates a pressure on the nerves of the back with the consequent problem at the shoulders and neck.

3) Sleeping in a fetal position


It is the most common position, the total abbscence of support to the neck and spine cause neck pain and has a negative effect on breathing.


What’s the best sleeping position?

The best sleep position is Back Sleeping with your arms along the body. This position encourages the proper spinal alignment and prevents muscle contractures.

Another best sleeping position is Side Sleeping, keep your neck and shoulders relaxed and free from potential injury.


The quality of sleep is a mix of mattress quality and correct posture. In the next article we will see why the“pillow” is one of the keys to our well-being.




Milan, April 2016 – It was concluded the 55th edition of the Salone del Mobile, the unmissable week dedicated to the world of furniture.

Sparkling Swarovski crystals and Internet of Things are the two key elements which embody D’Elite innovation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. We presented in Milan two global exclusive innovations: one is the first bed with inserts by Swarovski.

The Milan Swarovski Design Center has designed and implemented Crystal Rock inserts to enhance and embellish this system high-end bed. Crystal Rock is composed of crystals with irregular surfaces that give a particularly attractive and evocative scenic effect. The insert is applied on the bed frame, whereas the mattress – Christy, Madame De collection – features a unique band of crystals with original iridescent effects. «We are very proud of this partnership: undertake this creative journey with a company like Swarovski is for us a tangible recognition of the excellence of the quality, design and comfort that characterize our products. It is the “great beauty” of Italian know-how, an original synthesis of craftsmanship and technology, manual skill and automation. Real luxury is to indulge in a truly comfortable and revitalizing sleep».

This is Time for Bedding’s vocation: creating mattresses and bedding systems able to combine pioneering aesthetics and performances, drawing constant inspiration from fashion and luxury dynamics and lifestyle  evolution, conducting extensive research on sleep and well-being.


Milan, April 2016 – Internet of Things is another key-element witch embody D’Elite innovation at Salone del Mobile Milano. The NFC system applied to all mattresses of the D’Elite collections and “I-Beacon“, an exclusive sophisticated sales support tool.

D’Elite – NFC is a technology able to connect two different devices by using a short-range wireless connectivity. The mattress contains a passive microchip that is only activated when in contact with a smartphone (of any operating system). The contact generates an automatic login and, after a very simple and quick registration, the user can dialogue and exchange information with the product.

Thanks to this digital solution, the user of the mattress, in addition to technical information on product features, can periodically receive useful tips for proper maintenance and use of the mattress, also according to the season and the weather.

Also part of the Digital Experience is I-Beacon”, an exclusive, sophisticated sales support tool. In all the stores worldwide which display D’Elite products it is possible to establish a digital interaction with the customer’s tablet or smartphone. A proximity marketing solution aimed at offering all the technical and quality information on the mattresses.

«We will offer our customers a non-invasive service, with targeted suggestions for the proper use of the mattress in order to make the most of its excellent characteristics». 


The mattress is the pillar of our physical and mental wellbeing, is the heart and the basic element of our primary needs: the sleep.

It cannot exist a bed without a mattress but to sleep we just need a mattress. This makes it one of the principal instrument invented by man since the beginning of the times in all the cultures. The word mattress derives from the Arabic “matrah”, which means “something thrown down” or “place where something is thrown down.

During the Crusades Europeans adopted the Arabic method of sleeping on a pillow placed directly on the floor. Since the prehistoric times we find traces of the mattress history and the man evolution is also marked by the mattress evolution.

All the encyclopaedias mention the basic stages of this development and in the most famous international anthropology museums, there is a section dedicated to how the ancient people organize themselves their rest and what tools they used. Their level of technical and social development is closely associated to this issue.

Here are the most important phases of the mattress history:

Neolithic period: The mattress was born in this period. The first mattress was a stack of dry leaves covered with animal skins.

3600 B.C.: In Persia the people were using goatskins filled with water.

3400 A.C.: Egyptians slept on palm arches branches piled up in the corners of their homes.

200 BC: In Ancient Rome the mattresses were made by some bags of cloth stuffed with hay, wool or bird feathers.

XV century: During the Renaissance, mattresses were filled with pea pods, straw, or bird feathers sometimes and covered with velvets, brocades, or silks.

XVI and XVII century: The mattresses were stuffed with straw or bird feathers and placed on top of a bed base made with a wood frame and rope or leather backing.

Early XVIII century: The mattresses were stuffed with cotton or wool. Half of the XVIII Century: The mattress’s ticking were made of linen or cotton. The basic structure of the mattress was made of bamboo poles and was filled with natural fibres such as coconut fibre, cotton, wool or horsehair.

1824: In England was patented the first air mattress.

1870: It was invented the first spring mattress which will be further developed during the twentieth century.

1928: The creation of the first latex mattress.

1930: The spring mattresses become quite common and the padding were made of synthetic materials.

1935: The German chemist Otto Bayer synthesized a polymer obtained by reaction of isocyanate and polyol; in 1935, he founded the polyurethane (PUR). That is how begun the production of synthetic foam mattresses.

1966: At “Ames Research Center” laboratories some scientists developed a synthetic foam (Memory Foam) to improve security in the seats of the spacecraft. That is how begun the use of techniques foams in the production

of mattresses.

1980:  Was built the air mattress.

So we could say that the mattress is constantly changing, and especially nowadays is still the focus of a sophisticated technological research aimed at making perfect our rest.